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In Ice Floes & Foes, 2-6 players will try and save the seals and whales from the fishing boats and hunters. Shove ice floes onto the board, and aim to get the fishing boats and hunters to fall off the board on the other side. Be careful not to shove the seals and whales off the board though!


Sabika is an expert game and the next game from German P Millan, the author of Bitoku. This time you will build, carve poems and trade. The possibilities are again endless, but there are hard choices to make each turn.

Sabika bordspel

In Monuments, players lead their cilivization to victory! Play a single action card or take them all back into your hand. Grow your population, harvest resources, build buildings – and your Monument! The first player to build all 5 layers of their Monument will end the game, but who will win it?


Perfect Shot is an unique game where there are different sized holes on different places on the animal cards. You need to place a card on the pile of cards, and capture as many animals as possible through the holes on your card. Although this sounds simple, this doesn’t always work out!


Tour Operator is all about managing a travel agency. Make sure your tourists  fly to a location they want to, do activities they like, and that they travel in clean airplane seat, have a clean bed awaiting them, and don’t let them wait too long either!


In Caldera Park, players will manage animals in their park, while keeping an eye out for the weather. Make large groups of the same animal and make sure they have a place to drink too.


It is the 18th century, and it is your job to trade trading goods for spices! Use gold to upgrade your ships cannons, sails and cargo hold, and look out for pirates and other players too!


We will publish the Dutch version of Now or Never from Red Raven, called Nu of Nooit in Dutch.


Adventures on the High Seas expends The Dutch East Indies with six modules. Forts, treasures, events, crew, reefs and settlements make for a lot more Adventure on the High Seas!


In the expert game of Bitoku, players will use dice placement, resource management and deckbuilding in order to gain the most VP during and at the end of the game.


Put on your mask and go diving! In Scuba, your goal is to find the rarest fish you can while managing your air supply. Dive deep and you have chances at rarer fish, but your air usage will skyrocket! Maximize this trade off and the set collection element to win the game!


In Luna Capital, players will build a settlement on the moon. The challenge here is that cards have to connect to each other in a maximum of 3 rows while being ascending in number.


In Sleeping Gods, players will go on epic adventure. Play a 20+ hour campaign, discover the map, fight monsters, connect the dots and find the idols. Then play another campaign, and have a whole different game all together!

Sleeping Gods

In Old Masters, players will manage a painting studio. In a worker placement routine, get paint, mix colors or paint your painting. you can also upgrade these actions. The first player to complete 2 painting ends the game, but who will win it?


On your marks…set…go! Mississippi Queen is a racing game with only one goal: Be the first to finish with two ladies as passengers! Manage your coal and speed and find the perfect timing to slow down to pick up the women.


In Cuzco it’s altitude that matters. Cultivate the landscape, make cities, irrigate your fields and participate in festivals. The number of Incas you have in a city is irrelevant, only the highest Inca in a city has the lead!


Divide and conquer in Mexica! The emporer wants the land divided in certain sizes. But just doing that won’t lead you to victory, as you also need to build temples to control those areas! Excel in both aspects and you will win at playing Mexica!


Go on and explore the jungle in Tikal, Guatemala! Each turn you will unveal a piece of jungle. Find treasures and excevate temples in order to become the ruler of Tikal!