Keep Exploring Games is a Dutch board game publisher founded by Martin Looij.

Martin has been passionate about (designing) boardgames since a very early age, when he made custom Chutes & Ladders boards.
The Dutch East Indies is the first publishable boardgame Martin has designed, over the course of the last few years. Scuba is the second one.
Besides this passion for (designing) boardgames, Martin also is a recent graduate in Business.
In 2012, he graduated as Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration.
In 2013, he graduated as Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing Management.

From July 2014 – May 2015, Martin traveled the far corners of the America’s.
His combination of a passion for (designing) boardgames and BSc and MSc degrees in Business is the key to why Keep Exploring Games can combine game design with game publishing, all by the same person.
Keep Exploring Games uses the services of many companies and persons  in order to publish Scuba, including an artist, graphic designer, supplier, video reviewers, voice over specialist, translator and many independent test players.

Keep Exploring Games is dedicated to make sure that board game players keep exploring games. Our games are about players exploring and discovering. In Scuba, players go scuba diving and try to find as many different fish as they can. Under while they kick up dust so their opponents can’t find those fish, face currents, encounter all sorts of events, and have to keep an eye on their air supply at all times. Scuba hit the shelves in September 2016.

The Dutch East Indies is about players exploring the seas from the surface in 17th century ships, racing for newly discovered spices. Which they will trade with the locals who found them. Players can upgrade their ships and have to look out for pirates who can potentially sink their ships, as can other players. The Dutch East Indies featured on Kickstarter in 2017 and has a October 2017 release date.

The next game we published is Tour Operator, which is a game from Nestor Tyr. It debuted at Essen 2018. Also in 2018, we acquired the rights for the new Super Meeple editions of Tikal (Dutch), Mexica (Dutch/German) and Cuzco (former Java, Dutch/German/EU English). So at this time, we have 6 games in our portfolio.

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