Keep Exploring Games is a Dutch board game publisher, founded in 2016 by Martin Looij. Martin plays board games since his early youth. As a child he was already making game boards for ‘Chutes and Ladders’.

In 2013, Martin graduated as Master of Science in Marketing Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam after completing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

The combination of his educations and his passion for board games lead to the founding of Keep Exploring Games.

Keep Exploring Games started out with the publishing of 2 of Martins own game designs; Scuba and The Dutch East Indies. After that, we also started publishing board games from other game designers, such as Tour Operator.

And since 2018 we also localize games. Sofar, we have localized Tikal, Mexica, Cuzco, Mississippi Queen and Colors of Paris into different combinations of Dutch, English and German.

We are now working on another game design from Martin called Monuments, and we are scouting for new possible licenses to pick up. We are also working with a game author to publish a new game that way.


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