Scuba (EN) (DE) (NL)

Scuba – Errata (EN) (DE) (NL)

Scuba – 5 Player rules (EN-DE-NL)

The Dutch East Indies (EN-NL-DE-F-ES-IT)

The Dutch East Indies – FAQ (EN) (NL)

The Dutch East Indies: Adventures on the High Seas (EN-NL)

Adventures on the High Seas: Recommended set-ups for (2p) (3p) (4p)

Tour Operator (EN-NL-DE-F-ES)

Monuments (EN) (DE) (NL)

Monuments has a ‘wheat’ symbol instead of a ‘VP’ symbol on all score cards. This does not affect gameplay. If you wish to print replacement cards yourself, you can do so here.  You can also request replacement cards by e-mailing us. We will print these on demand and send them to people who desire so.

Ice Floes & Foes (EN) (NL)

We do not post our rulebooks of licensed games online. Please support us by buying our version of the game.

Errata Sleeping Gods (NL)

Or, you can download the 2nd edition of the rulebook here (NL)

Luna Capital Promo Rules (NL)