Kickstarter in January!

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Everything is going really well, and we are planning a Kickstarter release for half January! That way, we can build some more community, make sure we can offer the absolute lowest shipping rates for every single country in the world, have some more video reviews, and make the Kickstarter page as pretty as possible(Much prettier than this website). So, half January will be it! Until then, you can find some more video reviews at Boardgamegeek here.

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  • Sebastiaan van der Pal

    Nice! Will there be a way for stores to kickstart as well?

    • martinlooij

      Hi Sebastiaan,

      Jep! Ik ben daar nu de prijzen voor aan het berekenen. Ik zal je de prijzen daarvoor mailen als ik ze klaar heb. Bedankt voor je interesse in Scuba!

      Martin Looij
      Keep Exploring Games

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