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Good afternoon, we hope you had a nice weekend with lots of gameplay! Scuba is progressing really well. Our very talented artist and graphic designer are currently working on making the box square instead of rectangle, and on making the Kickstarter page look good. Martin has almost finished crunching the numbers on what a game is going to cost, what the shipping costs for each country are going to be, and the stretch goals (stretch goals mean additional content for when we surpass our funding goal). So we are still well on track for a mid January release! In the meantime, here is another sneak peak at a card. This is a event card and the only language dependent bit in the game. We will make sure it will be fully understandable in at least English, Dutch and German. If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to our newsletter (in the left column on our Facebook page) to make sure you won’t miss the Kickstarter release. We will tease you with a card again next week!


Some event cards are good, some are bad, and this one, well… Neither 🙂

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