The Blue Marlin!

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Most of you probably won’t have noticed, but Keep Exploring Games spent the last month moving from Rozenburg (NL) to Dordrecht (NL). We finished with the moving part over a week ago, but it took 4 weeks to have the WiFi installed. So if it took us a few days to reply to any questions or requests, we’re sorry for that. But the WiFi has been installed and the office is moved, so we’re fully operational again 🙂

Now, way more important than that; all files are done and sent to the printer! Sebas (our graphic designer) me and the people at WinGo Games have been busy the last couple of days to make sure all files are exactly the right size, format, etc. We should get the green light for that very soon, and then it’s on to the sampling phase. Some components end up way more expensive than we budgeted; the second promo pack set us back $270 more than planned for and the rulebook costs even $520 more than expected. There were options to get this done cheaper, but then we would have at least another full week of tweaking and I cannot wait for that with our October (Essen) release in mind. But anyway, all files are now done 🙂

You have already seen most of those files. However, the Spieleschmiede unlocked a 20th animal for the game and we haven’t revealed the artwork for that yet. We didn’t even reveal which animal it is! So here goes. The 20th animal for Scuba is one that got a lot of votes from Kickstarter backers too. Since we needed this animal to live at 30-40 meters (90-120 feet), we couldn’t go with many other suggestions in the list. But don’t worry, we will use those for future expansions or promo packs. I’m very pleased with the way its artwork has become, our artist Shaz did a fantastic job on that.

Without further ado….The 20th animal for Scuba is… The Blue Marlin!!!

The Blue Marlin!!
The Blue Marlin!!

I hope you like it as much as I do!

We will continue working with WinGo to make sure they can go sample and then produce Scuba. We will also open our web shop in the next few days in which people can pre-order Scuba and the promo packs. When that’s operational, we will post the link here on our website.

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