Old Masters

Keep Exploring Games publishes another game this year, at the same time of Mississippi Queen and the expansion for The Dutch East Indies! In the authors debut of Nicolas de Oliveira, ‘Old Masters’, you are a talented painter. The grand Parisian painters’ studio, “le Bateau-Lavoir” in Montmartre, has declared a friendly competition to determine who will be the top painter, whose name could become as renowned as those of your illustrious predecessors:  Monet, Renoir, van Gogh…

Fulfill orders as quickly as possible, all the while improving your tools and technique.  Build the engine of your painters’ studio as fast and efficiently as you can, taking in account not only this round but also the next, while also keeping an eye on your competitors! Cope with difficult choices every turn and the constant urgency to finish your paintings as quickly as possible!

Old Masters is a worker placement game with a strong engine building mechanic. Because the game board turns one space each turn and you are allowed to leave a worker on the board between turns, this game makes sure you have to keep a keen eye on your opponents to be able to predict what they want, and what will be available to you next round. Old Masters plays 2-4 players age 10 and up, and plays in 40-60 minutes depending on player count.


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