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We are happy to announce our game for 2018: Tour Operator!


Tour Operator board game

Tour Operator board game


You manage a well-known travel agency, and it’s full with tourists that each have different wishes and demands. Some tourists like culture or nature, whilst others are looking for a place to party or do some shopping. Some are patient, others impatient. Some demand traveling business class, whilst others want to sleep in a VIP room. And some are fine with sleeping in a dorm. To make it even more complicated, they all want to stay a different number of weeks… And I shouldn’t have to say this, but they do require to sleep in clean beds, travel in a clean plane, and that plane needs fuel too… Luckily you can calm down impatient guests and hire employees to help your company out. Whoever manages to make their clients the happiest travelers wins Tour Operator!

Tour Operator plays in around an hour and is suitable for 2 to 4 players. The game is 100% language independent and classifies as a light to medium eurogame in which players need to manage their resources the best they can. Every city on the board can only be scored once, so always keep an eye on your rivals to ensure they don’t  score a city you were about to score big on!


Kyoto – one of the 25 cities in the game.


Tour Operator will feature on Kickstarter in early April and is aimed for an Essen 2018 release. There will be a contest with a guaranteed discount on the Kickstarter soon join the Facebook Tour Operator group for more information on this:









Two tourists and an employee