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In Tikal, players explore the jungle of Guatemala, at the ancient Maya site called Tikal. The Mask Trilogy works with an action point allowance system. This means that in Tikal, each turn players first draw and place a tile, and then use 10 action points as they wish. With these action points, they try to maximize their scoring through two aspects of the temple complex; temples and treasures. When players find a temple, they can excavate it in order to make it worth more points. But beware, as this also makes the temple more interesting to other players, who can try to take over your temple. Players can also collect treasures and maximize points here through means of a set collection system. There are three semi-random moments in the game when there is a scoring round, where players will collect points for the temples they currently control (have the majority) and the treasures they collected. And there is a final scoring when the last tile is layed out on the board. Whoever has the most points wins the game!

This is the Dutch version. English rules for the new versions of Tikal and Mexica can be found on Boardgamegeek. There is no in-game text.

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