This will be our second year at Spiel Essen. You can find us in Hall 6, booth E-104. Due to the delayed production of The Dutch East Indies, we will only have two pallets of The Dutch East Indies (total for both versions) ready for Spiel Essen. So if you are interested in a copy, we strongly recommend you to pre-order the game in our webshop. You can purchase our games in the webshop at the same price as at Essen, we do not add any administration fees. In order to pre-order your game(s) in our webshop, you can use these coupon codes:

The Dutch East Indies Deluxe – Save €14,95 and pay only €65 with code DEILUXESS

The Dutch East Indies Basic – Save €3,95 and pay only €36 with code DEIBASESS

Any of the three The Dutch East Indies upgrade kits – Save €2,45 and pay only €12,50 with code DEIUPGESS

Scuba with the Blue Marlin and Blue-Ringed Octopus promo packs – Save €10,85 and pay only €39 with code SCUPROESS

Scuba – Save €3,95 and pay only €36 with code SCUESS


Copy the discount code you’re interested in and enter our webshop here!


Make sure to select Pick-up as your ‘shipping country’. If you have any difficulty applying any of these coupon codes to your order, please let us know and we will help you within 24 hours.